Spas in Helsinki - Which One Is the Best?

Published April 29, 2024
Allas Sea Pool at Night

The term spa has many meanings in the Finnish language. Quite often, a place called a spa has pools for relaxing and different kinds of saunas. Treatments are available but they don´t play the main role. When a Finn tells you that she/he is going to a spa, it usually means only relaxing in saunas and pools. The treatments are quite expensive which is a natural reason that Finns prefer saunas to treatments.

In Helsinki, a few day spas focus more on giving treatments. Usually, they are smaller and do not have pools but offer massage, beauty treatments and sometimes saunas. Such services are provided especially by Finnish spa hotels targeting travellers.

Saunas play a major role in the Finnish spa culture. Finnish spas have Finnish saunas but quite often, there is also a steam sauna to accommodate non-Finnish customers who prefer milder temperatures and a more humid atmosphere.

Spas in Helsinki with Swimming Pools

The Helsinki area has 4 cities: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. The public transport network is good and travelling between the cities is fast.

Flamingo Spa

Flamingo Spa is the easiest choice for a family. It has a waterpark for children and a closed spa area for adults. In the adults’ area, there are many saunas, warm pools and a restaurant from which customers can buy alcoholic drinks and snacks. Treatments can be bought separately for an extra charge.

Guests may dine in the mall’s restaurants or inside the spa. There is a small restaurant in the adult area of the spa, another on the waterpark side and a fast-food restaurant called Hesburger. You do not need your wallet but you pay when leaving the spa.

Flamingo Spa is a place for the whole family. Children are not allowed to enter the adult area but they can enjoy themselves on the waterpark side. Adults are free to stay on any side. There are lifeguards on duty on the waterpark side.

The waterpark side of the Flamingo Spa has many slides.

Flamingo Spa is just next to the Helsinki Airport and it is an excellent choice for a Helsinki stopover guest. The spa is housed in the basement of the Flamingo Hotel building.

There is a lifeguard on duty in the Flamingo Spa.

The atmosphere in the adult area is peaceful.

  • Price: 25 to 39 euros + treatments
  • Location: In Vantaa, a few minutes from Helsinki Airport

We recommend Flamingo Spa for stopover guests, families and couples who love saunas and warm pools.

Allas Sea Pool

Allas Sea Pool is perhaps the best choice in summer and an exotic choice in winter. It has a heated (+26 degrees) open-air pool, a heated pool for children and a non-heated seawater pool. All the pools are open all year round.

Allas Sea Pool
On sunny days, tourists and locals in Helsinki go sunbathing and freshen themselves in cool seawater or the heated pool.

There are separate saunas for males and females and also a unisex sauna. Allas has a restaurant serving food and alcohol. Treatments like massage, are not available. In Allas’ saunas, it is accepted to wear swimwear.

Allas has a cosy cafe that you should visit in the wintertime even if you do not feel like going swimming.
  • Price: 15 euros
  • Location: In Helsinki Centre

We recommend Allas Sea Pool on sunny days. Going there for an evening swim in winter is also a unique experience that this open-air spa offers.

Helsinki Spas without Pools

Balance Wellness Spa

Balance Wellness Spa is a centrally located spa in downtown Helsinki. It can be reached easily from the central railway station by having a quick tram ride. According to Balance Wellness Spa, the place has a luxurious touch with friendly service. Customers can choose between relaxation and therapeutic massage. Treatments can also be tailored to match customers’ wishes.

Balance Wellness Spa suits people looking for a place to relax and receive treatments in a hectic life. The spa does not have a sauna or pool.

  • Price: depends on treatments
  • Location: Helsinki Centre (Bulevardi 32)

We recommend Balance Wellness Spa for people who wish to receive treatments in a nicely decorated environment.

Kämp Spa Hotel

Kämp Spa is located in Kämp Hotel, one of the best 5-star hotels in Helsinki. This day spa is a natural choice for people staying in the same hotel. No pools are available but the spa has a Finnish sauna and also a steam sauna.

Kämp Spa is a modern and fresh day spa in the middle of Helsinki. It is a good choice to receive treatments or just to relax in the middle of Helsinki.

  • Price: depends on treatments
  • Location: Helsinki Centre

Helsinki Day Spa

Helsinki Day Spa is similar to Kämp Spa focusing on spa treatments. This spa neither has a pool nor a sauna. It shares the premises with Klaus K Hotel.

Helsinki Day Spa serves snacks like bananas and peanuts in the lounge which can be accessed before and after treatments. The spa is meant mainly for relaxing by receiving treatments. Helsinki Day Spa is a stylish place to unwind just in the middle of Helsinki.

  • Price: depends on treatments
  • Location: In Helsinki Centre

Siluetti Spa

Siluetti is not just a spa but also a hospital providing aesthetic consultation and surgery. Still, it is possible to book a visit there if you intend to only use their spa services.

  • Price: Depends on treatments
  • Location: In Helsinki Centre

We recommend Siluetti Spa for people who wish to have also aesthetic consultation.

Beauty Salons and Massage Parlors

It is easy to find beauty salons and massage parlours in Helsinki. If you do not wish to try a sauna but just to have a treatment, one of these salons can be a good choice. Be aware that especially some Thai massage parlours may offer massage with unwanted extra services.

If you wish not to try the Finnish sauna (which is sad), we recommend heading to a regular beauty salon or massage parlour.

Saunas in Helsinki

Instead of visiting a spa, why not try a public sauna? Even though there are about 2 million home saunas in Finland, public saunas have become popular again. People like gathering together and having a sauna. In Finland, a sauna is a place where shy Finns tend to discuss with strangers.

Saunas in Swimming Halls

Public saunas do not need to be fancy. With a small budget, you can visit any public swimming hall or outdoor pool where there is at least one sauna, usually many more. The price of a single ticket to a swimming hall is about 5 euros. If your budget is higher, there are brand new public saunas with restaurants but older traditional public saunas are also available. New ones are more pricey so visiting an older sauna may be a good choice. They are also more authentic.

Questions and Answers

What is the best spa in Helsinki?
It depends on what you like. Flamingo Spa is the biggest and it has many saunas. Allas is the best on a sunny summer day. Smaller day spas are good for receiving treatments.
Which spa is good for a stopover guest?
Flamingo Spa is the closest one to Helsinki Airport.
Are spas expensive in Finland?
Unfortunately, the spas in Finland are quite pricey.
Which is our favourite spa?
Unfortunately, the spas in Finland are quite pricey.
Where can I try a sauna in Helsinki?
The cheapest way to try a sauna is to visit a public swimming hall. If the budget is not a concern, try Löyly, Harjutorin sauna or Allas.
Do I need to be naked in a sauna?
Quite often, it is recommended. However, you may always wear a towel if you feel so.
Where can I find a Thai massage parlour in Helsinki?
Kallio district in Helsinki is the place to find Thai massage parlours.

Which is the Best Spa in Helsinki?

There is no single answer but we can give tips for finding your favourite spa. Luckily, there are many spas in Helsinki so you can choose the one that best matches your style.

Flamingo Spa is the best place if you just wish to try different saunas and relax in warm pools. The spa has everything you need and the quality is good. This spa is also family-friendly and offers a place for everyone, adults and children. Unfortunately, the quality comes with the price.

If you prefer treatments, we would advise you to head to Helsinki Day Spa.

Instead of heading to Helsinki Day Spa to receive treatments, you may wish to try a sauna only. If the budget is the main concern, try to visit a public sauna with an affordable single entry ticket (5€ – 6€) in any public swimming pool in the Helsinki region. Sauna is a famous Finnish way to relax so don’t miss it.

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