Healthcare in Helsinki

While most of the time, trips go well,  there may be instances when medical attention is required. In such cases, we provide essential information about Helsinki’s healthcare system to ensure you receive the best possible care.


Dealing with a medical emergency can be stressful but knowing what to do and how to do it can make all the difference.

  • The first step is to dial the local emergency number 112 from any phone. It’s worth noting that a SIM card is not required to make this call.
  • Make sure you know your location and can communicate it in English, Finnish or Swedish. This will help the emergency services to locate you quickly and easily.

Once you’ve made the call, remain calm and provide as much information as possible about the nature of the emergency and your location.

If you require medical attention, an ambulance will be dispatched to your location. Helsinki has a good quality healthcare system, so you can be assured that you will receive the care you need. You will likely be taken to a local hospital where you will be treated by skilled medical professionals.


Helsinki is known for its high hygiene standards and lack of tropical diseases, making it a relatively safe destination for travellers. However, it’s still possible to fall ill while visiting. You can access public healthcare if you’re an EU citizen but be prepared for long queues. Non-EU citizens will need to seek medical care at private clinics, making travel medical insurance a must-have.

Thankfully, Helsinki has several reputable private clinics, such as Terveystalo, Mehil√§inen, and Aava. All of them have many clinics around the Helsinki area and some of them are open 24/7. It’s best to call ahead to one of these clinics to schedule an appointment and receive guidance on the appropriate location to visit.

Terveystalo at Dixi
For example, you can visit a doctor at Dixi Shopping Mall in Vantaa.

Clinics can be reached by foot, taxis or other public transportation.


Public hospitals are the most common healthcare facilities, and we recommend going directly to one in case of an emergency. Dialling 112 is the best course of action in such situations.

However, if your condition is not critical, we suggest visiting a private clinic where they can determine whether you need hospital treatment or not. They can also provide guidance on which hospital is best suited for your needs.


Medical care in Helsinki can be costly, so it’s crucial to have comprehensive medical travel insurance before visiting the city. While EU citizens are eligible for affordable treatment in public hospitals, having insurance can ensure faster access to medical care. Don’t take any chances with your health – make sure you’re adequately covered before travelling to Helsinki.

Doctor Appointment

A visit to a general practitioner typically incurs a cost of around 80 euros. Additionally, the purchase of medication from a pharmacy may be necessary. If further medical analysis is required, such as lab tests or X-rays, the overall cost may be reasonably higher. A simple visit can cost even 500 euros.

Even though you had travel medical insurance, you often need to pay for the treatment with a credit card and apply for the cost back from your travel insurance company.

Travel Medical Insurance

Cross-border travellers should always consider investing in a travel medical insurance plan to ensure peace of mind and financial protection while away from home. While some countries, particularly those within the EU, have basic healthcare coverage for residents and visitors, it is still important to have additional insurance coverage for extended stays or emergencies. With a travel medical insurance plan, you can enjoy fast access to medical treatment and limited costs, providing a range of benefits at an affordable price.

Read about the importance of travel insurance on the Finnoy Travel website.


We recommend taking a look at SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance – a comprehensive travel medical insurance that can be availed for a monthly fee, with fixed terms also available. Whether you’re a digital nomad or a regular traveller, this insurance is designed to cater to your needs. What’s more, you can even apply for insurance after your trip has already started, making it a flexible and hassle-free option for all.