Helsinki Airport Taxis - 5 Options to Choose From

Published May 24, 2024
Helsinki Airport Taxis

While Helsinki boasts an excellent public transportation system, you might find yourself opting for a taxi from Helsinki Airport to your hotel or downtown Helsinki. Finnish taxis are known for their decency and comfort but be prepared for potentially higher fares compared to other modes of travel. Unlike many other destinations, Finland does not regulate taxi prices, leading to fare variations between different taxi companies. To avoid any surprises when you reach your destination, it’s beneficial to familiarize yourself with the Helsinki Airport taxi system in advance. This article provides all the essential information you need to know about Helsinki Airport taxis.

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Airport Taxi System

Helsinki Airport simplifies taxi fares for travellers heading to central Helsinki or airport hotels. There are currently three (3) Helsinki Airport partner taxi companies that offer a fixed rate for these routes. This arrangement makes budgeting easier compared to other parts of the city. While you are free not to choose or book a ride from any of these taxi partners of Helsinki Airport, it’s crucial to confirm the fare with the driver beforehand or check the posted price information on the taxi itself to avoid unexpected costs.

For destinations without a fixed fare, the taxi meter determines the cost or you can agree on the price with the driver. Additionally, booking a taxi to the airport through a ride-hailing app is an option, offering the advantage of dynamic pricing which may result in cheaper fares from various companies. The only drawback is a potential wait time of 5 to 10 minutes for the taxi to arrive. Overall, this is a convenient and often cost-effective choice.

Big taxi advertisement at the airport
Helsinki Airport partners with three taxi companies, including Fixutaxi, to offer fixed-rate fares for travellers heading to central Helsinki or nearby airport hotels.

If you choose a regular taxi, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with taxi fares before getting into a cab to avoid any surprises after the ride. The simplest way to determine the fare is to request an estimate from the driver. Additionally, taxis are required to display a price sticker on their windows. Metered taxis have a visible fare meter for customers to track the fare as it accumulates during the journey.

Almost all Helsinki Airport taxis accept cash payments, as well as Visa and Mastercard. Higher-end taxis accept also Diners Club and American Express cards. Booking a ride through a mobile taxi application allows you to pay for the journey digitally, which is often the easiest payment method. Tipping is not necessary or customary in Finland.

The Airport Taxi Station

The Helsinki Airport taxi station is next to the arrival hall. When you exit the customs area, walk through the arrival hall and turn left. You will see the TAXI signs there. The station is outside the terminal on the arrival floor.

Entrance to the taxi station
These doors in the arrival hall lead to the taxi station of the airport.

Reliability of Taxis

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport prioritizes passenger safety by ensuring that all taxi companies operate under strict licensing regulations. Every driver undergoes comprehensive background checks and must pass a taxi driver’s exam, ensuring that qualified and responsible professionals are behind the wheel. For your peace of mind, driver’s licenses are displayed prominently inside the taxi.

The airport’s partner taxi companies are renowned for their high quality. While other companies are also good, choosing a partner company taxi ensures the best experience. Based on our experience, Helsinki Airport partner taxi drivers are known for their safe and reliable driving habits. You can expect fair pricing and honest service, with no overcharging or scams.

Most drivers speak at least basic English, though they may not be overly chatty. Feel free to initiate a conversation if you’d like some company during your ride. Additionally, due to Finland’s diverse population, some drivers may not speak Finnish, highlighting the city’s welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Helsinki Airport Partner Taxi Companies

The taxi station of Helsinki Airport is next to the terminal on the arrival floor (1st floor). The station is easy to find just by following the taxi signs inside the terminal.

There are four lanes at the station. Three first lanes are reserved for the (3) partner companies of Helsinki Airport and the fourth lane is reserved for any licensed taxi. It is also possible to order a taxi by an app, say Uber. They will pick you up from the taxi station or sometimes, from the front of the terminal.

Helsinki airport taxis
Helsinki Airport taxis wait for customers on four different lanes.

You can check the latest official taxi information on Helsinki Airport’s website.

We introduce the Helsinki Airport’s partner taxi companies.

Lane 1: Fixutaxi

The first lane is reserved for the cars of Fixutaxi. Fixutaxi is a reputable taxi company which guarantees you a safe journey wherever you go. Its prices are the following:

Lane 2: Taksi Helsinki

The second lane is reserved for Taksi Helsinki. Also, this company is reliable and it has perhaps the best reputation for Helsinki locals. Their cars are new and in good condition. The prices are the following:

If you do not remember which lane is meant for your taxi company, you can refer to the signs at the station.

Lane 3: Menevä

The third lane is reserved for Menevä. Like with the previous companies, this lane is a safe choice. Its prices are as follows:

Lane 4: Other Licensed Taxis

Lane 4 at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is known as the “surprise lane,” where any licensed taxi can arrive. If you choose a taxi from this lane, it’s essential to ask the driver about the price before accepting the ride. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the car or the quoted fare, simply skip that taxi and take the next one. Rest assured, all taxis in this lane are safe and reliable, but the fares can vary significantly. You might end up with a much cheaper ride or, conversely, pay a high fare for a short trip. Therefore, we strongly advise negotiating the price with the driver. For a trip to Helsinki City Centre, a fare of around 30 euros is reasonable.

For instance, we once took a ride home that would have cost about 40 euros using the airport’s partner companies. Opting for a taxi from Lane 4, we inquired about the price, which initially was 45 euros, but we successfully negotiated it down to 30 euros. When there are more taxis than customers, choosing Lane 4 can be advantageous, allowing you to easily secure a good deal.

Based on our experience, even airport partner taxi companies may be open to negotiating prices.

Option 5: App-Hailed and Preordered Taxis

If you are a loyal customer of Uber or another ride-hailing application, you are free to order a taxi via your favorite app. We recommend Bolt and Uber due to their affordability.

Pre-booked taxis will pick you up from the designated taxi station, with clear signs leading to the pick-up point. Occasionally, to save on parking expenses while waiting for your arrival, the driver may ask to pick you up from the front of the terminal building one floor higher. It is important to follow the instructions provided by the app. Note that pre-ordered taxis must also have legal taxi licenses.

We prefer app-hailing taxis because they typically offer lower prices. However, keep in mind that their quality may be lower compared to the airport’s partner companies.

Private Airport Transfer

The easiest but still affordable way to reach a destination from the airport is to book a private transfer. You can choose a private car that meets your quality requirements and accommodates your entire group and luggage. A driver will wait for you in the arrival hall with a name sign, and the price is agreed upon during the booking, so you’ll know exactly what the ride will cost.

Our recommended partner, Welcome Pickups, is a high-quality transportation company with local English-speaking drivers in Helsinki. The driver will monitor your flight for delays and ensure a stress-free journey to your destination. You can book a ride online and cancel it free of charge if your plans change.

Welcome Pickups offers a friendly and reliable private transfer from the airport. Your driver will be waiting for you after you land, ready to take you comfortably to your final destination.

Back to the Airport

Taking a taxi from the city back to Helsinki Airport is the easiest way to reach the terminal. Taxis take you directly to the front door so you do not need to walk long to reach the check-in area. Rides are also fast because there is seldom traffic congestion on the road to the airport.

You can order a taxi to pick you up from the hotel in many ways. You may ask hotel staff to order one but probably, they will order an expensive taxi, perhaps their partner. Another way is to use taxi applications and you will get a cheaper ride and the price is agreed upon beforehand. The third option is to book a private transfer from Welcome Pickup. It is practical to make taxi arrangements even before the journey has started and then there is no need to install taxi applications and learn to use them.

Which Helsinki Airport Taxi Is the Best?

If you are travelling on a budget, taking a train instead of a taxi is a good choice. At night, using Uber or Bolt is probably the most inexpensive method to reach any destination in the Helsinki area.

Business travellers who wish to reach a hotel or meeting place as fast as possible may take any of the next available rides from any airport partner taxi company. This is one of the fastest ways to reach a destination but can also become an expensive one.

Holidaymakers and other individual travellers should do at least a basic price comparison. A few minutes spent on the price comparison on the spot or by mobile phone may easily save you 10 euros.

Questions and Answers

How much is a taxi from Helsinki Airport to the city centre?
The price is about 35 euros but it varies between taxi companies.
What taxi applications are there available in Helsinki?
Uber and Bolt are the most common ones. Others include Fixutaxi, Lähitaxi, Taksi Helsinki, Menevä and Yango.
Is there Uber in Finland
Yes, there is.
Is Uber legal in Finland?
Yes, it is.
Where is the taxi station at Helsinki Airport?
It is next to the terminal building on the arrival floor. Follow the signs.
Is there a railway station at Helsinki Airport?
Yes, there is. The train station is located under the terminal.
Helsinki Airport train station
Commuter train is another pleasant way to reach the city centre.
Should I tip taxi drivers in Finland?
Not really. Tipping is not common in Finland.
Which taxi company is the cheapest in Helsinki?
Ordering a taxi via an application is usually the cheapest option.
Can I trust taxis in Finland?
Do taxi drivers speak English in Finland?
Yes, they do.

Bottom Line

Getting from Helsinki Airport to your destination is simple and fast. Opting for a taxi or another pre-ordered transfer is the most comfortable way to travel, especially with heavy luggage, although it may be slightly more expensive. Fortunately, the presence of various taxi companies at Helsinki Airport has driven prices down. With several options available, you can choose the best price to suit your needs, whether you prefer a fixed rate or a negotiable fare.

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