Taxis in Helsinki

Taxis in Helsinki are reliable but sometimes, riding a taxi is an expensive way to get around. Taxis are readily available, safe, and regulated by the government. They can be hailed on the street or ordered through any of the many taxi mobile apps in Helsinki. Taxis accept cash and major credit card payments, and the great news, the majority of taxi drivers can speak English – even better than Finnish.

Every taxi company in Finland needs a license and driver needs a permit in order to legally operate.  When the latest taxi regulation in Finland got implemented, the taxi fare prices in the Helsinki region went down but unfortunately, the variance in the quality also increased. A savvy traveller may order a budget taxi, like a taxi ride from Uber, and those who wish for better quality service may opt for taxi premium brands which are operated by local taxi companies.

Taxi station
There are many taxi stations around Helsinki but the taxis waiting at the stations tend to be pricey.

It is necessary to understand that the maximum prices for taxi rides are not anymore regulated so some of the taxis can be surprisingly expensive. Every taxi must have a price sticker on the window and you can always ask for a price estimate from the driver. Be informed that taxi meters typically charge both for the time and distance at the same time. There may be a minimum charge too.

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Regular Taxis

By regular taxis, we mean taxis that you can hail on the street. They have a  yellow taxi sign on the roof and a meter inside. Hailing a regular taxi is simple but often the most expensive way to get a ride.

We recommend comparing taxis at taxi stations and not hailing them on the street. Check the price stickers on the window and evaluate the quality of the car. You can choose any taxi from the line so there is no need to take the first one. Drivers may insist you take the first from the row but that is not mandatory. Since you pay for the ride, you are the boss.

Below we list the most reputable taxi brands in Helsinki.


Kovanen is a premium taxi brand in Helsinki. They have high-quality cars and well-trained drivers. It is possible to hail a Kovanen taxi on the street but if you want to be sure to get one, we recommend checking ordering instructions from Kovanen’s website. Kovanen is an excellent choice for business rides.

Taksi Helsinki

Taksi Helsinki is a traditional taxi company in Helsinki. They have good cars and professional drivers. It is easy to spot Taksi Helsinki cars in the city but unfortunately, some low-quality companies use similar colours and a small variation of this taxi company’s name. In that sense, it can easily confuse customers thinking they are also Taksi Helsinki cars. As the rule applies, quality always comes with a price so prepare to pay a little more while taking a taxi ride with Taksi Helsinki.

You can read more about Taksi Helsinki on their website. The company has also a mobile app. Taksi Helsinki is a good option for business travellers and for those holiday-makers who appreciate quality and want to avoid challenges with budget taxis.


Lähitaksi is another respected taxi brand in Helsinki. You can expect to get good-quality cars and well-mannered drivers. The price is not the cheapest as with other premium brands.

On the company’s website, you can read more about Lähitaksi and install their application. Also, Lähitaksi is a good choice for business travellers and quality-conscious holiday-makers.


Fixutaxi is a low-cost brand of Kovanen therefore the fares are lower. Still, you can expect good cars and stable quality despite the low-cost brand of a premium taxi company. Fixutaxi’s logo is easily distinguishable from either their white or black cars.

Fixutaxi does not have an English website but they have a mobile application.

Other Taxis

There are countless private taxi companies in the Helsinki region. The majority of them are operating only one or two cars. These companies can be affordable but some of them may have surprisingly high fares. 

If you board a taxi which does not belong to the previously listed premium brands, we advise checking carefully the price sticker on the window and evaluating the car’s quality and the driver’s behaviour. 

Taxi Apps

Installing local taxi apps onto your phone is perhaps one of the wisest decisions when you are travelling in Helsinki. If you book for a ride with any taxi app, you will know what the journey costs. You can also be sure to get a taxi in your preferred quality class. The apps are free to use. Adding payment options like payment cards is advisable for ease. Surely, you can also pay directly to the driver at the end of the journey.

Below, we list our taxi app recommendations. Almost every big taxi company has its app but we recommend installing only a few major ride-sharing apps.


Uber is familiar to everyone and this taxi app works in Helsinki, too. All of Uber’s taxi companies and drivers are licensed. Uber is a safe choice in Helsinki.

Quite often, Uber offers also the lowest rate.  Hence, Uber is an excellent choice for budget travellers.


Bolt is similar to Uber but the company comes from Estonia. Also, Bolt taxis are reliable and quality is at the same level as with Uber. 

Bolt has sometimes great offers and based on our experience, their taxi cars are usually more expensive than that of Uber’s. We recommend comparing the prices on Uber and Bolt before placing your taxi order.


Yango is a Russian taxi company whose drivers have received quite bad complaints and reviews as seen in Google reviews.  

Other Taxi Apps

While there are alternative taxi apps available, we advise against installing them for short trips. Opting for Bolt or Uber will suffice, as they tend to offer the most affordable rates. However, if you prioritize top-notch service, you may consider installing Kovanen’s, but be prepared for higher costs.


Yangoo Taxi in Helsinki
Yango is one the cheapest taxi companies in Helsinki with an app.


There is a significant price difference between budget taxis and premium taxi brands. Here are estimated prices  for your reference:


For a short ride of approximately 20 minutes covering 10 kilometres, budget taxis typically cost around 25 euros. Please note that the exact fare may vary depending on demand. To book budget taxis, we recommend using the Bolt or Uber apps.

It is important to understand that if you hail a budget taxi from the street, you may end up paying a much higher fare.


For the same duration and distance, premium taxi brands usually charge around 40 euros. However, there may be additional charges outside regular hours, resulting in a higher overall fare. Negotiating the price with the driver is acceptable to avoid any surprises.


When it comes to safety concerns while travelling in a foreign country, it is important to note that no one can guarantee 100% safety. However, we can provide you with insights from the local perspective.


In Finland, traffic safety is generally good, and taxis are known to drive cautiously. While occasional accidents may happen, they are not common. Therefore, there is no need to worry about taxi drivers’ driving habits.


For solo travellers, both males and females, there may be some risks involved, especially if you are intoxicated. There have been a few incidents where drivers have behaved inappropriately or even committed crimes. To mitigate these risks, it is advisable to opt for reputable taxi brands when travelling alone, particularly during nighttime. Additionally, ordering taxis through an app ensures there is a record of your ride.


Instances of fraud are not prevalent in Finland. However, to further minimize any potential risks, it is recommended to use taxi apps for your transportation needs

Tips for Taxi Riders

Hailing a taxi is a simple way to move around Helsinki. We list the most important advice for people riding a taxi for the first time in Helsinki.

  • To ensure your safety, it is advisable to exclusively use licensed taxis and don’t hesitate to request to see the driver’s permits. The are normally visible on the dashboard without asking.
  • For added security, it is recommended to book a taxi through a reliable app, as it maintains a record of your driver’s information in case any issues arise during your journey. 
  • Using taxi apps also simplifies the payment process and reduces unexpected price surprises. 
  • When hailing a taxi from the street, always check the price sticker on the window as there is no regulation on prices. We recommend avoiding hailing a taxi at the street.
  • In the event of an unfriendly driver, it is best to opt for another taxi.