Tours in Helsinki

Helsinki may be relatively small in size, but it is big in terms of attractions and experiences. With a vibrant culture and rich history, Helsinki offers an array of stunning sights and exciting activities for visitors to explore. Whether you are a solo traveller or a quality-conscious tourist, there are plenty of ways to discover Helsinki’s top attractions.

For independent travellers, public transport is a convenient and budget-friendly option for getting around. On the other hand, those who prefer a more curated and immersive experience may opt for tour services.

Self-touring the Helsinki Centre by Public Transport

Senate Square in Helsinki
Many regular tram routes pass Helsinki’s attractions.

One of the best ways to explore the city is by using public transport. Helsinki has an excellent public transport system that includes buses, trams, ferries and trains. In Helsinki City Centre, trams are practical and fast to reach many attractions. Since many of the sights are near to each other, you can often walk from one to another.


We recommend using trams in Helsinki Centre to reach the main attractions of the city. For example, you can easily visit the following sights by tram.

  • Helsinki Cathedral
  • Rock Church
  • Uspenski Cathedral
  • Market Square
  • Parliament House
  • National Museum of Finland
  • Opera House
  • Kaivopuisto Park
Koff Tram in Helsinki
There is also a special sightseeing tram in Helsinki which is actually a bar. You can enjoy a pint of beer while enjoying the views.

Travelling by tram is comfortable. The trams are quiet and clean and the schedules are frequent. Having a ticket for Zones AB is enough. It is not even necessary to exit the trams but you can just enjoy the views of the waterfront and Helsinki’s multiple attractions. Trams are like inexpensive tourist buses.

Check the real-time tram schedules on the HSL route planner.


Helsinki is next to the sea so you can take a ferry and visit one of the many islands. Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) has a regular ferry route to Suomenlinna. To reach the other islands, you need to take a private ferry but they are affordable too. The majority of the ferries depart from Market Square.

A ferry to Suomenlina
Taking m/s Suokki or another Suomenlinna ferry is one of the travellers’ favourite activities in Helsinki.

Other Modes of Transport

Apart from trams, Helsinki also has an extensive bus and train network. The buses are a great way to explore the suburbs of Helsinki, while the trains are perfect for travelling to nearby towns and cities such as Espoo and Vantaa. If you are heading further, the HSL route Planner is again a perfect tool to find the best route.

Buses, metros and trains are the best way to reach an attraction if it is far and there is no tram connection. The same HSL ticket is valid and usually, Zones AB are enough. We advise finding the best route by HSL Route planner. Trains depart naturally from the central railway station and buses from the Kamppi bus station or the central railway station. There are many metro stations in the centre from which you can head to East Helsinki or Espoo

Tour Services

Commercial tours offer visitors a chance to explore Helsinki’s architecture and landmarks. Helsinki is known for beautiful and unique architecture, with buildings ranging from traditional Finnish designs to modern, contemporary structures. By booking a tour, you can have a guided visit to the city’s landmarks, such as Cathedral, Sibelius Monument, and Finlandia Hall while learning about their historical significance.

Bus Tours

Bus sightseeing tours are a great way to explore the beautiful city of Helsinki. You can customise your tour with numerous routes and options available to suit your interests and preferences. Some popular stops on these tours include the iconic Helsinki Cathedral, the bustling Market Square, and the picturesque Esplanade Park. Other notable sites include the impressive Rock Church, Sibelius Monument, and the historic Olympic Stadium. With informative audio guides in multiple languages, you can learn about the city’s rich history and culture as you take in the sights. 

A tourist bus in Helsinki
Sightseeing by bus is a traditional but simple way to get familiar with a new city like Helsinki.

Tours buses usually follow the hop on, hop off style so you can board and deboard a bus as many times as you wish during the validity period. The schedules are frequent.


Helsinki is a city of stunning waterfronts and beautiful islands. One of the best ways to explore the city is by taking a sightseeing cruise. Helsinki offers a variety of cruises that take you around the archipelago, showcasing charming island communities and picturesque landscapes. Some cruises even take you to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Suomenlinna Fortress, which is a must-visit attraction in Helsinki.

Party boat Emma arriving to Helsinki Market Square

During a sightseeing cruise, you can sit back and relax while enjoying the breathtaking views of the city skyline and the surrounding nature. Most cruises have recorded audio guides, which provide interesting facts and historical information about the different landmarks and attractions you pass by. You can also enjoy refreshments on board, as many cruises offer a variety of snacks and drinks. Some companies arrange dinner and lunch cruises where the meals are included.

Royal Line sightseeing cruise
Royal Line arranges sightseeing cruises to the Helsinki archipelago.

Almost all sightseeing cruises depart from Market Square.

Tickets to Attractions

Because attractions in Helsinki Centre are near to each other, you can just walk from one to another. That is a recommended option when the weather is sunny.

Tickets can be bought on the spot but sometimes, it is more expensive. Why not buy Helsinki Card, which includes more than 50 benefits including free or discounted entrance to top attractions?