Helsinki Airport Transfer Options

Helsinki Airport train
Train I departs from the Helsinki Airport Railway Station to Helsinki Central Station.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, also known as Helsinki Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Finland. It is located in the city of Vantaa, approximately 5 kilometres west of Tikkurila, the administrative centre of Vantaa. 

Helsinki Airport can be reached from the city centre through various modes of transportation. One of the fastest options is taking a train. It is also convenient with train departures every 5 minutes during peak times and taking around 30 minutes to reach the airport. Public buses take around 45 minutes, while taxis and private transfers are also available, costing around 45-50€. 


Train symbol at Helsinki Airport
Look for this train symbol in order to find the railway station at the airport.
HSL ticket ad
A train from the airport to Helsinki Centre is affordable.

In Helsinki, there are two airport train lines: P and I. The lines pass a ring rail which means that the routes start and end at Helsinki Central Railway Station but the lines go in opposite directions.

The train lines are operated by Helsinki Region Transport (HSL).  You need to purchase a valid HSL ticket before boarding a train. The ticket must include at least Zones ABC if you are heading to Helsinki Centre from the airport. A single ABC zone ticket is valid for 90 minutes which allows transfers between modes of transport.

Both train lines run every 10-20 minutes, depending on the time of day. The journey from the airport to the city centre takes around 30 minutes, making it a fast and efficient way to travel. If you are heading to Helsinki Centre, it does not matter which line you take. Both lines call at every intermediate station so it is also possible to reach another area than Helsinki Centre. HSL route planner is a good aid when planning the route.

One of the advantages of taking the train to the airport is that it is a direct service, with no changes required. This means that it is a stress-free option for travellers, particularly those with heavy luggage or those who are unfamiliar with the city’s public transport system. The ticket is also affordable costing 4,10€. Compared to buses, a train is a much more convenient option.

The train station at the airport is located underground just a short walk from the terminal building, making it easy to access.

A commuter train in Helsinki
Trains to Helsinki Airport depart from the Helsinki Central Station.


Helsinki Airport bus
There are many bus lines to Helsinki Airport.
Bus station at Helsinki Airport
Helsinki Airport’s bus station is outside next to the arrival hall. You can take a regional or long-distance bus from there.

Travelling to and from Helsinki Airport is convenient and affordable also by bus. You need to purchase a ticket for Zones ABC, which costs the same as for a commuter train. However, a bus ride to Helsinki City Centre takes much longer than a train ride.

If you’re not heading to the city centre, taking a bus from the airport is perhaps a better option – otherwise, we recommend the train. Various bus lines run to different areas of Helsinki and the surrounding cities. For information on which mode of transportation to take, use the HSL Route Planner, which provides the most up-to-date information on schedules and routes.

The bus station at Helsinki Airport is located outside on the arrival floor next to the arrival hall. You need to follow the bus symbols which are quite small. Remember to buy a ticket before entering a bus. You can buy one from R-Kiosk or from a machine at the airport’s bus station but the easiest option is to purchase a ticket via the HSL mobile app.


Riding a taxi is the most comfortable way to travel from Helsinki Airport to the city centre. However, it is not the fastest way but a commuter train is even faster if the city centre is your destination.

The taxi station at Helsinki Airport is next to the arrival hall. There are clear TAXI signs leading to the station.

Sign to the taxi station at Helsinki Airport
Signs to the taxi station at Helsinki Airport are clear.

The taxi station of Helsinki Airport has 4 taxi lanes. Three of them are meant for the airport’s partner taxi companies and lane 4 is for any other licensed taxi. These partner taxi companies have fixed prices for rides heading to Helsinki City Centre while on lane 4, the taxi fares vary and they are sometimes negotiable with the taxi driver.

We advise getting familiar with the prices by checking the price list on the windows of the taxis or directly inquiring from the taxi driver.  After exploring the price yourselves, you are free to decide which taxi you take, taxi drivers in Helsinki are not pushy. A taxi ride to the Helsinki City Centre costs 30 to 60 euros depending on the company and the time of the day.

It is also possible to order a taxi via an app, say Uber or Bolt. These taxis are usually cheaper but also they come to pick you up from the same taxi station. Find your driver at the pickup point for pre-ordered taxis. There are signs at the taxi station indicating this. Read more about taxi apps in our Helsinki Taxi Guide.

Read more about Helsinki Airport Taxis on the Finnoy Travel website. The article describes the differences between taxi lines.

Hire Car

 If you’re planning to drive yourself around Helsinki and the surrounding areas during your trip, renting a car from the airport is a great option. Helsinki Airport has numerous car rental companies conveniently located in the terminal, making the process fairly straightforward. You can easily pick up and return your rental car at the airport’s parking hall. Renting a car is a practical way to travel to and from the airport, although it may require some paperwork and locating the vehicle.

To ensure a hassle-free experience, we recommend booking accommodation with parking facilities, as free parking spaces in central Helsinki are limited. Opting to stay slightly outside the city centre can also make driving and parking more convenient.

We recommend comparing hire car prices on Discover Cars.

Read about Driving in Finland.

Pre-booked Transfer

One of the most comfortable ways to reach Helsinki City Centre or any of your destinations is to pre-book an airport transfer. Welcome Pickups is a platform to reserve transfers to/from the airport. The price range is similar to what you’ll pay with a regular taxi but the price depends on many factors like which type of vehicle, the number of passengers, the distance of the journey and which time of the day is your scheduled pick up.

There are certain advantages of pre-booking a transfer. A driver will be waiting for you with a name sign at the arrival hall and help you carry your belongings. You will also know in advance what kind of car will pick you up and the costs are transparent. The pre-booked transfer is an especially good option if you are travelling with a big group.

Shortly said, by having a pre-booked transfer, you’ll save time and nerves as you arrive at the airport making your journey smoother.

Price Comparison

The table below compares different public transport methods to reach Helsinki Centre. By pre-booking a ride from Welcome Pickups, you can guarantee yourself a comfortable car and a nice driver. 

If you’re heading outside the city centre, a private transfer becomes more practical because, because by public transport, you may need to connect from one vehicle to another.